Root canal treatment: Everything you need to know

April 06 , 2021

A Root Canal is one of the common treatments done to one having issues with the teeth. But what exactly is this treatment? Why is it done and is it really as scary as you heard? Read ahead to know about the myths and facts about this medical procedure.

What is the Root Canal?

A root canal is a healing procedure to pull out the bacteria from the infected root canal to restrict it from growing again and save the natural tooth. The dental pulp is removed and all the canals and the pulp cavity of the tooth are filled and sealed to prevent further bacteria development. 

The dental pulp is a soft substance at the centre of the tooth. It consists of the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues. The pulp cavity is an empty part in the centre of every tooth that contains the pulp and it continued down the canals that extend through the roots of the teeth and into the surrounding bone. Some roots have more than one root canals but have at least one canal. 

What happens during a Root Canal treatment?

A Root Canal surgery seems frightening but with the latest technology, the treatment has evolved into much more than just traditional deep filling. An endodontist is a dentist skilled in treating tooth pains, performs an x-ray of roots and pulp tests. These pulp tests involve placing a cold stimulus to check the health of the tooth. Many teeth will be put to compare the response. If the test confirms the next step of the root canal therapy which generally completes in two appointments, every 90 minutes. 

The treatment is performed by hanging a microscope that is attached to the wall and hangs over the patient’s mouth. This helps provide magnification to locate all the necessary anatomy inside the mouth. To make the patient comfortable, anaesthesia is given to numb the tooth.


There are many things that can injure the pulp or the nerve of the tooth. Most of the patients show symptoms that make them aware to get the treatment but many times there is no warning or any symptoms seen. The symptoms that show that you need a root canal treatment are:

  • Severe pain while chewing or biting 

  • Pimples on the gums

  • A chipped or cracked tooth

  • Surviving sensitivity to hot or cold even after the sensation has been removed 

  • Swollen or tender gums

  • Deep decay or darkening of the gums. 


There are many reasons for needing a root canal, but there are many more practical reasons as to why saving the natural tooth is a clever choice. A few of the many reasons for saving the natural tooth are:

  • Efficient chewing 

  • Normal biting force and sensation 

  • It keeps the natural shape of the face

  • Protecting other teeth from excessive wear and strain. 


Root canal procedure is a very common treatment for a person having teeth issues. The anaesthesia given before the procedure numbs the mouth to make the patient comfortable and feel less or almost no pain. The numbness will stay for 2-4 hours after the following procedure. The majority of the patients are able to return to their everyday lifestyle following the root canal treatment. The endodontist suggests not to eat until the anaesthesia wears off completely. 


The price for the Rooth Canal Treatment varies on how complex the problem is and depends on the type of tooth that is affected. For instance, Molars are much harder to treat and the charge is usually high. One may claim their Dental Insurance to prove some coverage for endodontic treatment. 


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